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Should Oxley Road rail bridge at Corinda be widened?

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 29/09/2018 - 6:33am
Yes (please add a comment with your reason)
43% (3 votes)
No (please add a comment with your reason)
57% (4 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7


I'm all for upgrading for safety on visibility but only keep 1 lane each way as the feeder roads each side are only good enough for a single lane each direction.  Widening to 2 lanes will only create more speeding around shopping precinct and school areas.

I am against this proposal because:-

(a) Widening will increase the attraction of Oxley Road to motorists over other routes thus increasing the amount of traffic on Oxley Road, which is not a good idea.

(b) Motorists will not gain any time in getting from Sherwood to Oxley or the other way if the proposal is implemented because of other traffic restraints.

(c) Currently the two lanes under the bridge have a traffic calming effect which helps to reduce traffic density and speed.  This is good for safety.

(c) The proposal seems inconsistent with the Council's consideration to reduce the speed limit in this part of Oxley Road to 40km/hr to increase safety, which is much welcomed.

(d) Oxley Road in Corinda/Sherwood is currently difficult and dangerous to cross for pedestrians and by increasing the density and speed of traffic the proposal will make this worse.

(e) Tail backs on Oxley Road do not happen during most of the day and night - only at peak periods.

(f) The tail backs are not caused by the width of the road under the bridge, but by the density of traffic at peak periods.

(g) It is incorrect to suggest that tail backs encourage rat-runs in this case because there is no other local way under the railway track.

(h) Cyclists currently use the footpath or the crossing under the railway into Railway Terrace.

There is already a lot of traffic coming through our area. Widening the rail underpass will only encourage more. Traffic through the Corinda shopping precinct travels too fast and hopefully the 40kph proposal will go ahead. The underpass in its present configuration provides an effective limit of sorts to the number of motorists who choose Oxley Rd as a through route.careful

There have not been accidents due to the narrowing of the road, I understand.   Road widening will increase traffic and the speed of traffic under the bridge, causing compliance problems with the new 40 km speed limit that applies almost as soon as traffic passes under the bridge and into the heart of Corinda.