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Letter to Cr Johnston and Cr Bourke re St Aidans School traffic

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Margaret Middleton
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Letter to Cr Johnston and Cr Bourke re St Aidans School traffic

Dear Councillor,
The subject of this letter pertains to St Aidan’s Girls School and the disregard it has for the neighbourhood and its residents.
I realise that the City Council has no control over St Aidan’s staff or senior students making surrounding streets a virtual carpark with their vehicles, but parents of St Aidan’s students creating a gridlock every afternoon on school days at the corner of Watt and Ruthven Streets in unacceptable.
You would be aware that Watt Street is part of a designated route for heavy vehicles, apart from bring a popular passage for general and local traffic.
An observation of the section of the road in question at 3 pm on a school day would clearly indicate the problem being discussed.
In the past 10 years that I have lived in Harrowby Street, I have found that St Aidan’s have ridden rough-shod over the local residents with their resumption of properties, altering street localities and increasing enrolments while denying new buildings were put there for this purpose.
St Aidan’s even had the temerity to name a street as theirs.
In recent times, St Aidan’s have established a kindergarten and are accepting boys as well as girls in this venture.
No obvious provision has been made to accommodate vehicles of extra staff or to control the traffic that will result from this expansion.
Their plans for 3 story buildings are still on the agenda no doubt, and until ample off-street parking is included in any further development, no plans should even be considered by controlling authorities (Brisbane City Council).
With regard to the traffic problems previously mentioned, the vehicles responsible for it could be redirected down Ruthven Street from Dewar Terrace into the junior school pick-up area.
Any bank-up would be in Ruthven Street which is wide enough to handle this type of manoeuvre.
It is the desire of the local population to retain the heritage character of the area as protest placards on many fences would indicate.
I trust your involvement will be a remedy for our grievances.
Yours faithfully,
Phillip E Middleton