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Bus Depot Stuff Up: Built in the Wrong Spot

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Bus Depot Stuff Up: Built in the Wrong Spot

 The following is a press release from Cr. Nicole Johnston released on 14 October 2011


Brisbane City Council’s controversial Sherwood Bus Depot has been built 2.4 metres further east than approved, requiring a new development approval.


Councillor for Tennyson Ward, Nicole Johnston, said it had been one stuff-up after another on the project, with the first DA non-compliant, ratepayers forking out millions in rent after the site was sold off and subsequent applications made this year to fill and raise the site after January’s floods.


“It defies belief that the Sherwood Bus Depot has been built in the wrong location. It is a high profile project in a sensitive residential and environmental area and yet experienced builders have built it in the wrong spot under Council’s supervision,” Councillor Johnston said.


“My understanding is this will affect the road alignment and access points as well as landscaping and buffering on the site.”


“I am extremely concerned that access to the site from Sherwood Road, so close to the narrow single lane rail overpass, will put lives at risk. More than 1200 bus and vehicle movements per day are expected to and from the site with extremely limited visibility particularly for vehicles travelling eastbound.”


Councillor Johnston said the revised approval appeared to be done deal with CIP and Council attempting to down play the stuff up. Correspondence (attached) showing that Council’s builder CIP Pty Ltd and Council’s DA team have already agreed that this is a “minor variation” and a “permissible change” despite the fact that State Government legislation Sustainable Planning Act requires proper assessment and formal approval is shocking.


The project which is due to be completed by Christmas, will cost ratepayers $168 million over the next 25 years of its operations, with the option of extending the Depot’s operational life to 45 years.


For further information please call Nicole Johnston 34038605 or 0407039198

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bus depot/creek crossing

 Perhaps the planning is more thorough than we knew and the depot IS where the council wanted it!  Is this why the front of St Joseph's has been resumed for road changes: because a major entry to the bus depot is going to be via Martindale Street or evenClewley Street because it will be unsafe to have an entry/exit on the dangerous crest on Sherwood Road over the railway line?  And is this why we can't bridge the creek near Kennard or Martindale- because it will be too dangerous with bus depot traffic?  It seems our area has been treated with contempt by our council for some time!

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Text of letter CIP stuff up of Sherwood Bus Depot construction

 21 September 2011
Mr Adam Rigby
Development Assessment Branch
City Planning and Sustainability Division
GPO 1434
Dear Adam,
Re: Material Change of Use Utility Installation (Bus Depot) at 496 & 496a Sherwood Road, Sherwood (Application Reference: A003012704)
As you may be aware, Commercial & Industrial Property Pty Ltd is developing the Sherwood Road Bus Depot for Brisbane City Council.  A diesel refuelling facility is currently under construction as part of these works.
We have recently become aware that the refuelling building is 2.39 metres further eastwood than the location indicated on the approved plans (Application Reference: A003012704).  Consequently, the driveway adjacent to this must also move 2.39 metres to maintain the 10 metre wide access way) which in turn necessitates the 1.5 metre wide landscaping strip on the eastern boundary to be relocated west of the refuelling building.
I understand from our discussion that this minor variation to the development consent may be outside the scope of the 'generally in accordance' provisions of the Sustainable Planning Act but constitutes a 'permissible change'.
Therefore we enclose the relevant application forms with the landowner's concsent and the modified development plans 4-20-006-SK-101-002, 4-20-006-SK-101, Co10932-00-C55, Co1093200-C62 and Co1093200-C75 to supersede the approved plans dated 8 April 2011.
Please call me if you wish to discuss this.
Yours sincerely
Jason Shepherd
General Manager Planning & Infrastructure
Commercial and Industrial Property Pty Ltd
Telephone: 02 9506 1458
Mobile: 0416 589 696

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